Thus far, I’ve been disappointed with United’s Mile Play promotion – a program they rolled out at the end of 2017 to get customers booking travel they otherwise wouldn’t. Like many other flyers loyal (loosely) to United, I checked out the offers, and was unsurprisingly disappointed. My first offer was to complete any one trip, for 1300 points. My second offer was to complete an international trip, for 4000 points. Needless to say, I’d written off this method as a potential sweet spot to earn points.

Fast forward to today. I got another email reminding me to check out my offer on United’s Mile Play website. Imagine my surprise, not to mention delight, when I saw the offer was 47,000 miles for completing two trips in premium cabins before May 13. I’ve got a trip to LA coming up that I haven’t booked yet, so this is truly great deal for me. I was going to buy domestic first anyway (with the long leg in premium transcontinental), so I’ll definitely take the 47,000 points.